Please contact a Leigh-on-Mendip Parish Councillor if you are interested in the following:-



Being a Parish Councillor: The Parish Council currently has a vacancy and volunteers are welcome; do come and join us.



Land: The Council is keen to plant more trees. Does anyone have a spare corner of a field that could be developed as a coppice or orchard?


Cycle Link: A group is investigating the possibility of an off-road cycle link from the village to the Colliers Way cycle path by joining up current footpaths and bridleways. Contact Chris Cudmore if you would like to help. Click here for existing route


Neighbourhood Watch: Most areas in the village now have a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator to send you messages about recent incidents, warnings and security hints. If you aren’t receiving these messages, it means you are not a member of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. To join, liaise with a Parish Councillor.




Footpaths: The group of volunteers continue to supervise and report problems with our extensive network of paths which need constant attention to maintain good access. Landowners are reminded to keep this in mind and are thanked for the work they do to maintain the rights of way over their land.




Parish Rangers: We have ten volunteer Rangers who carry out care and maintenance jobs in the Parish. Their work, which includes the cleaning and maintenance of traffic signs, is greatly valued by the community. Once again, we are indebted to Chris Ingrem for his ongoing work in painting and maintaining our heritage finger signposts. Also, special thanks to the WI for organising the Village Clean Up Day and to our regular litter pickers who work, quietly and diligently, to keep our street and lanes clear of objectionable litter. If you are aware of any job that needs doing then tell a Parish Councillor and, of course, feel free to help if you can.