Proposal for 40 House Development at Leigh on Mendip

The Parish Council is very grateful to all 66 parishioners who were able and did come to the Open Meetings and shared your opinions with us. We can now move onto the next stage with some confidence that we are properly representing you.

The next stage is the Parish Council meeting at 7pm next Monday 19 Oct. A representative of the developer will be attending and will brief the Parish Council. Any member of the public who wishes to will then be invited to speak, the aim being for you to reinforce your opinions to the Councillors – it is unlikely there will be time or opportunity for questions and answers.
Once everybody who wishes has had an opportunity to present, Councillors will discuss, decide and then briefly discuss the line to take to comment to Mendip.

To receive an invitation you will need to send your email address to the Parish Council Chairman at “”. Note, due to IT problems, do not send emails to the Clerk and if you have already emailed the Clerk, please resend to the Chairman. The invitations to attend the Zoom meeting will be sent Sunday evening and you will be asked to acknowledge them and indicate if you wish to speak; we can then share the allocated time appropriately.

The Parish Council
Sat 17th Oct 2020

Links to help you comment
Planning Documents for the 40 House Development
Planning application details (Dates, Comments etc.) MDC link
How to View and Comment on Planning Applications MDC link
Five Year Housing Land Supply and NPPF Para 11  (note slides - 5, 6 & 38 to 44) MDC link

Other relevant local, recent planning applications:-
Awaiting Decision
Awaiting Decision
Approved at Planning Committee (subject to S106 agreements)
Refused at Planning Committee

National Planning Policy Framework  - see para 11 (The presumption in favour of sustainable development)
Mendip Local Plan Pt1 (2006-2029)
Mendip statement to confirm the availability and criteria for starter & affordable housing Clarification of starter and affordable homes
First Homes - Government Consultation OutcomeGOV.UK
Letter from Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership dated 12Oct20 (further to the previous letter of 28Aug20) Change to neutral/silent on this planning application
Presentation slides from Parish Council Open Meetings held 10, 11 and 13 Oct


Previous notices:-

Proposal for 40 House Development at Leigh on Mendip

The Leigh on Mendip Parish Council have just been notified that the developer for the land at the rear of Ivy Cottage is now moving forward with an application for outline planning permission for 40 dwellings. Of these, 8 starter homes and 2 units are for social rent/shared ownership as affordable housing; he has provided a plan of the site but no other supporting information; the plan and other information is available from the links below. The developer promised to hold a public consultation in the village for you to express your views and he has been reminded of this; the Council will continue to urge him to deliver this opportunity.

Should the developer walk away from a public consultation, there will be an opportunity to comment individually and directly to Mendip District Council when the planning application is posted. The Parish Council will also welcome your views when we discuss and decide our recommendation to Mendip District Council. Until then it is important that Councillors are impartial to avoid being seen to be predetermining their recommendation.

We will continue to provide any information made available to us in advance of the formal planning application being released.  

The Parish Council

24 July 2020


Update 2 Oct 20: An application has been validated and posted ref 2020/1877/OTS,  for Outline Planning Permission with some matters reserved for up to 40 dwellings with a school playing field and car park with details of access.  The Parish Council will provide further information on the village website about community engagement early next week.


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