June 9th 2012 saw the opening of a brand new farm shop in the picturesque North Somerset village of Leigh on Mendip.


Broad Bean Farm Shop has been long in the making — in 2007 the idea was formed to convert the large derelict outbuilding, at the back of Ivy Cottage, into living accommodation, together with facilities to open a small farm shop.


Leigh on Mendip has been without a local shop for some years, so we thought it would be a great idea to distribute the produce of our established market garden to the local community.


Broad Bean Farm Shop is so named because of the amazing broad beans that our land produces — we have an acre of cultivated market garden populated with an array of soft and hard fruits, vegetables and salads.


This year our policy has been to grow as many varieties as possible to understand what thrives and what is popular with our customers in order to meet full market demand in the coming years. We will be running a vegetable box scheme with seasonal produce and also local deliveries for those unable to travel to the shop.


The farm shop has a local sourcing emphasis and aims to be self-sufficient with seasonal fruit and vegetables. We are looking to establish strong links with local suppliers to bring high quality, fresh produce, to the community, at a fair price.


Jo Hudson and Richard Moore x

Opening times:

08.15 - 18.30 Monday – Friday

09.15 - 18.30 Saturday

10.00 - 16.00 Sunday