Link to Avon and Somerset Constabulary

Link to the Frome Neighbourhood Policing Team on Facebook

Local Beat 

Frome Rural North Area
Your neighbourhood police team sergeant is
Rachel Clark 

101  is the Police number to ring if not considered an emergency,

In an emergency dial 999 (or 112 from a Mobile Phone)



Your Police Community Support Officers are:

Russell Ford (PCSO 9011) 
: russell.ford@avonandsomerset.police.uk    Mobile: 07547  658018

PCSO Dean BeckDan Beck (PCSO 8118)
Eml: daniel.beck@
avonandsomerset.police.uk    Mobile: 07593 519662

You can also message them on Facebook but use 999 or 101 for emergencies or to report a crime.



Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators for Leigh on Mendip 
  • The Leigh-on-Mendip East Neighbourhood Watch runs east from Church Cottage to Soho Cottage and south to Great House Farm.  Co-ordinator is Joan Pattison at Church Cottage.
  • The Leigh-on-Mendip Central (East) Neighbourhood Watch  (not yet operational) Co-ordinator will be Edwina Davey.
  • The Leigh-on-Mendip Central Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator is Dave Mattick at Field View.
  • The Park Hayes & Apple Meadow View Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator is Martin Carter (Apple Meadow View).
  • The Leigh-on-Mendip Central (West) Neighbourhood Watch  Co-ordinator is Vicki Taylor.
  • The Leigh-on-Mendip West Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator is Ty Schlechter.
  • The Leigh-on-Mendip Townsend & Tadhill Neighbourhood Watch  Co-ordinator is Chris Cudmore at 2 Oak Leaf Court.
  • We need a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for Bellfield. Contact Chris Cudmore for more information.
If you are not receiving alerts from one of these coordinators then you are not registered on a NHW scheme (and therefore unable to claim a discount on your home insurance). To enquire about joining a NHW scheme either speak to one of the above co-ordinators,  ring Paul Johnson (Neighbourhood Watch Administrator) on 01278 649611 or see the PCSO at a monthly Beat Surgery at the church Community Cafe.